Torii凳,挪威奥斯陆,Tobias Berg&SoveiGiæver

Tori是奥斯陆设计师Tobias Berg&Sovei Giæver设计的一个小凳子。都灵是一个凳子,与日本传统的门户网站同名。托里有一个轻微的曲面,创造了一个美观的视觉效果,但也舒适的座位。当多个大便相邻放置时,这种弯曲的效果可以进一步增强。

Torii is a minimal stool created by Oslo-based designers Tobias Berg & Sovei Giæver. Torii is a stool resembling the traditional Japanese portals with the same name. Torii has a slight curved surface which creates an aesthetically pleasing visual effect, but also a comfortable seating. This curved effect can be further enhanced when multiple stools are placed next to each other.

Design: Tobias Berg&SoveiGiæver
Photography: Tobias Berg&SoveiGiæver