Townhouse in Ikegami 住宅,日本东京,Ship Architecture

池上的联排别墅是日本东京的极简住宅,由Ship Architecture设计。由于房屋靠近其邻居,建筑师利用了巷道花园的概念,其中植被被用来为居民提供隐私。树木和植物成为邻近房屋的视觉障碍,并提供内部庭院所不具备的美丽。结果,该房屋能够利用更大的玻璃窗,以允许白天更多的自然光进入。双高天花板进一步促进了整个室内空气和光线的整体流动。

Townhouse in Ikegami is a minimal home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Ship Architecture. Due to the proximity of the home to its neighbors, the architects took advantage of the alley garden concept in which vegetation was used to provide privacy to the residents. Trees and plants serve as visual obstructions from the neighboring homes, and provide beauty otherwise seen in internal courtyards. As the result, the home is able to utilize larger glazings to allow for more abundant natural light to enter during the day. Double-heigh ceilings further promote overall flow of air and light throughout the interior.

Design: Ship Architecture
Photography: Takumi Ota


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