Townhouses Sankt Göres,德国杜塞尔多夫,NIDUS

Townhouses SanktGöres是一间极简风格的联排别墅,位于德国杜塞尔多夫,由NIDUS设计。Kaiserswerther联排别墅的建筑和SanktGöresStraße上的历史悠久的建筑的特征是形状清晰,天然材料以及对必需品的无拘无束的还原。代替过度的富裕,有针对性地使用样式定义元素。在SanktGöresStraße的联排别墅概念中,它们特别受到保留的Kaiserswerth建筑的自然性和耐久性的启发。
对于建筑师而言,“新的Kaiserswerther房屋”的特点是温暖的简约主义,受到束缚,并为平衡材料,清晰的形状和功能性提供了空间。SanktGöresStrasse上正在建造两栋单户住宅,每栋房屋约 两座房屋均可直接通往新的地下停车场,该地下停车场共有9个停车位,并配备了充电选项。房屋的花园面积在115至130平方米之间;还有一个大约30平方米的露台区。门2号楼在一楼还有一个约11平方米的阳台。

Townhouses Sankt Göres is a minimalist town house located in Düsseldorf, Germany, designed by NIDUS. The architecture of the Kaiserswerther town house and the historic building on Sankt Göres Straße is characterized by clear shapes, natural materials and an unconstrained reduction to the essentials. Instead of excessive opulence, style-defining elements are used in a targeted manner. In the concept for the townhouses in Sankt Göres Straße, they were particularly inspired by the naturalness and durability of the reserved Kaiserswerth architecture.
For the architects, the “new Kaiserswerther house” is characterized by a warm minimalism that is restrained and offers space for the balance of materials, clear shapes and functionality. Two single-family houses are being built on Sankt Göres Strasse, each with approx. Both houses have direct access to the new underground car park with a total of nine parking spaces that are equipped with electrical charging options. The gardens of the houses are between 115 and 130 square meters; there is also a terrace area of ​​approx. 30 square meters. House no. 42 also has an approx. 11 square meter balcony on the 1st floor.