Tube Bookends是由多伦多设计师Maha Alavi设计的一套极简的书架。管状书架是一种简约而实用的办公桌和书架组织方式,它兼具雕塑感和实用性。这套设计由弯曲的不锈钢管制成,充分利用这种材料,在功能和美学上同时使用,并为日常的生产力工具创造了巧妙的存储区域,有专门的空间放置笔、书、电话和其他各种办公桌必需品。
Tube Bookends是为Umbra为多伦多2021年设计周举办的 “工作/生活 “展览设计的。简要说明围绕着工作文化在流行病中的演变方式,以及工作和家庭之间关系的态度变化。由于工作空间已经转变为现在完全存在于我们的日常语境中的东西,所以Alavi在考虑这个概要并经历最初的构思过程时,她脑海中的问题是,要转变人们对一个空间的使用方式的看法,所需要的最低物件要求是什么?

Tube Bookends are a minimal set of bookends created by Toronto-based designer Maha Alavi. A minimal and utilitarian approach to desk and shelf organization, Tube Bookends are equal parts sculptural and practical. Made from bent stainless steel tubing, this design takes full advantage of this material by using it both functionally and aesthetically, and creating clever storage areas for everyday tools of productivity, with dedicated spaces for pens, books, phones, and various other desk essentials.
Tube Bookends were designed for the Work/Life exhibition hosted by Umbra for Toronto Design Week 2021. The brief centered around the ways in which work culture has evolved through the pandemic, and the changing attitudes of the relationship between work and home. Since the workspace has shifted to something that now exists entirely in our everyday context, the question Alavi had in her head while considering the brief and going through the initial ideation process was what is the minimum object requirement needed to shift the perception of how a space is meant to be used?

设计师: Maha Alavi
城市: 多伦多
国家: 加拿大
Designer: Maha Alavi
City: Toronto
Country: Canada