Lim + Lu的新作Twin Peaks位于香港九龙半岛的将军澳,是一间不足50平方米的单身住宅。男主人来自巴黎,是一位特立独行的时装设计师。他委托Lim + Lu为其居所进行室内设计,希望以温暖而鲜活的空间个性,为香港的城市灰度涂抹一道亮色。

Lim + Lu’s new work, Twin Peaks, is located in Tseung Kwan O, Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong. It is a single home of less than 50 square metres. The male owner is from Paris and is a maverick fashion designer. He commissioned Lim + Lu to carry out interior design for his residence, hoping to paint a bright color for the city’s grayscale with a warm and fresh space personality.


The limited space is carefully divided and utilized according to the life scale of the owner. The restaurant is integrated into the living room and extends to the outdoor balcony to create an open social event area that caters to the needs of the host.

跳跃而欢愉的色彩搭配,是这个空间最大的特点,也是Lim + Lu一贯大胆独到的用色手法的再次明证。在纯白和浅粉的主背景色中,红、黄与蓝、绿的冲撞对比,被有度地填充于墙壁的大色块部位、座椅家具直至小的配饰物件。整个空间在冷暖色调的晕染间展示着明快的气质,也将生命的活力渲染得淋漓尽致。

Jumping and happy color matching is the biggest feature of this space, and it is also a testimony to Lim + Lu’s bold and unique color technique. In the main background color of pure white and light pink, the contrast between red and yellow and blue and green is filled in a large color block of the wall, seat furniture and small accessories. The whole space displays a bright temperament in the smudges of the warm and cold colors, and also vividly reproduces the vitality of life.


The interior of the home is mostly a simple and smooth product style. The metal table, the lighting, and the warmth of the chair weave are harmoniously juxtaposed, presenting a three-dimensional and multi-dimensional artistic beauty. Mirror decoration is used in large and small cabinets to increase the space’s sense of expansion and transparency. At the same time, it also creates light and shadow interaction and virtual taste with the help of reflected images.

Design: Lim+Lu
Photography: Nirut Benjabanpot
Address: Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong
Area: 46m2