Two Residences in Fira住宅,希腊圣托里尼岛, Kapsimalis Architects

在充满活力的希腊圣托里尼岛上,当地公司Kapsimalis Architects将地下洞穴状的旧房改造成“ 费拉两居 ”,这是一对度假屋。
顾名思义,别墅位于圣托里尼岛的主要村庄菲拉。一个遍布火山口边缘的无可否认的风景如画的小镇。在这里,餐馆,咖啡厅,酒吧和露台都享有几何形状,粉刷过的建筑和原始的爱琴海的全景。度假屋位于该地点的中间,利用其风景如画的位置,靠近悬崖边缘。新的避暑别墅位于改建后的洞穴内,其他则占据原始房屋的平面图。按照圣托里尼岛的建筑传统,外墙保持其原始状态,以免破坏邻家的全白美学。建筑师解释说:“两栋房屋的明亮和白色外壳都保留了原样,并与村庄的立体,传统建筑融为一体。” 进入第一个房屋的方法是通过一个带长而窄的游泳池的棱角庭院,楼梯通向屋顶休息区。第二个度假屋有自己的矩形庭院,带露台和楼梯下的拱形游泳池。

On the vibrant Greek island of Santorini, the underground cave-like forms of an old home have been transformed into ‘Two Residences in Fira’, a pair of holiday homes by local firm Kapsimalis Architects.
As the project’s title suggests, the villas are located in Fira, Santorini’s main village; a sprawling and undeniably picturesque town packed in at the edge of the caldera. Here, restaurants, cafes, bars, and patios all boast panoramic views of the geometric, whitewashed buildings and the pristine Aegean Sea. The holiday homes are positioned in the midst of this site, taking advantage of their scenic location close to the cliff’s edge. One of the new summer houses sits within the converted caves, and the other occupies the floorplan of the original house. As is architectural tradition in Santorini, the exterior facade was kept in its original condition, so as to not disrupt the all-white aesthetic of neighboring homes. “The outer shell of both houses, bright and white, is preserved as it was, in a way that is integrated with the cubistic, traditional architecture of the village,” explains the architects. Access to the first home is through an angular courtyard with a long and narrow pool, with a staircase leading up to a rooftop lounge area. The second holiday home has its own rectangular courtyard with a patio and vaulted pool beneath the staircase.

在别墅内部,选择泥土色的调色板和家具以反映洞穴的保存情况,并使用当地工匠制作的最少家具。建筑师解释说:“重点放在房屋的雕塑性,原始性上。” 他们继续说道:“设计的目的是创造一个自然,质朴的空间,使我们想起该岛昔日的生活方式,并带有优雅而古怪的感觉。” “在费拉的两个住所”是建筑可以在紧凑空间中尝试设计可能性的一个引人注目的示例,尽管开放空间有限或内部缺乏自然光,但仍可以开发出巧妙的房屋,营造出温暖而诱人的氛围。

Inside the villas, earthy color palettes and furnishings were chosen to reflect the preservation of the caves, with minimal furniture made by local craftsmen. “Emphasis was placed on the sculptural, primitive nature of the homes,” explain the architects. “The purpose of the design was to create a natural, rustic space that reminds us of the way of living in the old days of the island, with a classy and eccentric twist,” they continue. ‘Two Residences in Fira’ is a striking example of the way architecture can experiment with design possibilities in compact spaces, where, despite limited openings or a lack of natural light inside, clever homes can be developed that elicit a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Design:Kapsimalis Architects
Photograph:Yiorgos Kordakis

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