U.Ø住宅,西班牙马德里, BETA.Ø architecture office

U.ØHouse是一家位于西班牙马德里的极简主义住宅,由BETA.Ø建筑事务所设计。 U.Ø住宅提出了如何在现有住宅区域内生产住宅空间的问题,以扩大和优化现有居民对每个空间的可能用途。因此,生成开放,灵活的空间以允许自然光进入家庭,通过使用作为必要过滤器的轻质分区,可以轻松地重新配置空间。这意味着可以根据用户白天的需要划分空间,同时还可以产生视觉流动性。然后,该空间被设计为灵活的设置,其中用户可以选择在光和所选择的饰面具有产生均匀,温暖的家庭氛围的能力的环境中发生家庭生活的各个角落。构成家庭日间布局的所有区域,例如休息区,餐厅本身甚至厨房区域,都可以转换为会议区,办公室或书房,使其可以独立于其余的布局,始终确保符合其使用的适当舒适条件。

U.Ø House is a minimalist residence located in Madrid, Spain, designed by BETA.Ø architecture office. U.Ø house raised the question of how to generate a domestic space in the area of the existing dwelling to extend and optimise the possible uses for each space by its current residents. Therefore, open, flexible spaces were generated to allow natural light to enter the home, enabling easy reconfiguration of spaces through the use of lightweight partitions that act as necessary filters. This means the spaces can be divided up as the user needs during the day, whilst also generating visual fluidity. The space then is designed as a flexible setting, in which the user can choose the various corners where domestic life takes place within an environment where the light and the selected finishes have the capacity to generate a homogeneous, warm domestic atmosphere. All the areas that make up the home’s daytime layout, such as the lounge area, the dining room itself or even the kitchen area, can be converted into meeting areas, office or study, allowing them to be made independent of the rest of the layout, always ensuring appropriate conditions of comfort in line with their use.

Design: BETA.Ø architecture office
Photography: © David Zarzoso


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