URAM 极限公园,俄罗斯, KOSMOS Architects & Legato Sports Architecture

欧洲最大的极限公园在喀山开幕。新的室内运动中心矗立在由Legato建筑事务所在2020年夏天已经完成的全季节极限公园的开放部分。Legato是开放式极限公园Uram的创建者,他们邀请KOSMOS建筑事务所合作建设该体育中心。Uram(鞑靼语意为 “街头”)是街头青年文化的中心,它将体育和教育、社会和文化功能结合在一起。

The largest extreme park in Europe opens in Kazan. The new indoor sports center stands in the open part of the extreme all-season park that was already completed in summer 2020 by Legato Architects. Legato, the creators of the open extreme park Uram, invited KOSMOS Architects to work together on the building of the sports center. Uram (means “street“ in Tatar) is the center of street youth culture, which combines sports and educational, social, and cultural functions under one roof.


The center with an area of almost 8 000 square meters hosts on two floors extreme sport zones (airpark, street plaza, concrete bowl, and skate house) and cultural spaces open to everyone: a center for contemporary music, a DJ school, a skate shop, dance hall, gallery, lecture hall, cafe, and recreation area. The new building will become not only an extreme park but also a multifunctional public space where visitors can come at any time of the year. Extreme Park URAM is a unique set of venues and diversity of extreme sports facilities within one building.


Architecture. The facade of the Uram Street Culture Center consists of 2 parts, performing on different scales. The upper volume is a minimalistic rectangular block, faced with brushed stainless steel, which performs on an urban scale. Visible from the opposite side of the Kazanka River, the abstract volume reflects the sun or grey sky and changes depending on the weather conditions. It works as an urban landmark. The geometry of the facade material – corrugated metal sheet – refers to typical industrial buildings and fences of the surrounding area, whereas the material finish – stainless steel polished to a mirror shine – lends the attractiveness of a public building.


The upper minimalistic volume rests on several flamboyant concrete hills that develop the formal expression of an outdoor extreme park. This part of the facade performs at the pedestrian level and allows the creation of a human-scale space around the one-hundred-meter facade of the sports center. The hills blur the lines between architecture and park infrastructure, transforming the façade of the entire building into a radical functional landscape. The facade will become climb-able, slide-able, jump-able, and roll-able. The hills will organize a lecture hall, a playground, and continue sports functions. Despite the fact that the hills of the facade are still to appear, the indoor part of Uram has already been completed.


Interior. Here, architecture merges with sports facilities, combining diverse spaces and functions with the powerful atmosphere and drive of modern street culture. In this project, Kosmos continues long-term research of the principles of utilitarian architecture, published in the book ConTemporary ArchiTecture. Legato develops its experience of working with the world’s best riders and park builders, as well as creating a unique team of park builders – not just builders, but professionals in creating extreme culture. The concept of the building’s interior is based on exposure to simple street and industrial materials, inexpensive and practical: concrete, sheet metal, reinforced glass, plywood, drywall, masonry materials.


The natural color of all these materials varies in shades of gray. To give an identity to the space and to create comfortable navigation in the sports center, an additional bright, signal color – Volt (bright green-yellow) has been introduced into the design of the interior space. This color is most noticeable to the human eye and therefore is so actively used in street and road navigation to ensure safety. The bright color denotes the most important areas in the building and guides visitors on the way to go. Reception, information board, entrances on the escape route are always highlighted in bright color and immediately noticeable in the interior In addition, the contrasting color allows you to form an alternative geometry of the space.

体育中心的每个区域都有自己独特的外观,由一种基本技术或材料创造。在空中乐园,主要材料是胶合板,这创造了 “胶合板海洋 “的总空间。在演讲厅里,空间是在 “点云 “的帮助下形成的–悬挂的灯具形成了空间的另一种几何形状。碗的主要材料是混凝土,主要内街的内部是由灯具和墙体框架型材的空间网格来定义。激进和功能性的设计遵循了基础设施、街道和道路导航的逻辑:其简单性、激进性和功能性。

Each area of the sports center has its own unique look, created by one basic technique or material. In the airpark, the main material is plywood, which creates the total space of the “plywood ocean”. In the lecture hall, the space is formed with the help of a “cloud of points” – suspended lamps that form an alternative geometry of the space. Bowl’s main material is concrete, and the interior of the main inner street is defined by a spatial grid of lamps and wall frame profiles. The radical and functional design follows the logic of infrastructure facilities, street and road navigation: its simplicity, radicality, and functionality.

体育用品。混凝土滑板碗 混凝土碗(滑板用深碗)是为比赛而设计的,是根据滑板的主要规则设计的。你的装备可以在任何体育设备上使用。Legato体育建筑公司的首席设计师Vasily Borisenko与瑞典最有名的滑板运动员之一John Magnusson一起设计了它。碗的设计参考了滑板运动的经典:两侧是原始的盖板–就像滑板运动诞生的加州废弃的游泳池一样。碗可以通过一个梯子爬上去,梯子的栏杆被涂成鲜艳的伏特色。

Sports objects. Concrete Skateboarding Bowl The concrete bowl (deep bowl for skating) is designed for competition and is designed according to the key rules of skateboarding. You are equipped to be used on any sports equipment. The chief designer of Legato Sports Architecture, Vasily Borisenko, worked on it together with John Magnusson, one of the most famous Swedish skateboarders. Bowl design refers to the classics of skateboarding: the sides are original copings – like in the abandoned Californian pools in which skateboarding was born. The bowl can be climbed using a ladder whose railings are painted in vivid volt color.

上面有一个混凝土圆形剧场,运动员可以在那里休息,旁边的碗的平坦部分有不寻常的数字,用于完善新技巧。小轮车自由泳的胶合板海 欧洲有不少室内木制空中公园,但乌兰姆在规模和多样性方面将小轮车自由泳训练区提高到一个新水平。从二楼的画廊观察木制空中乐园是最方便的–这是围绕整个区域周边的空间,高出地面4.5米。通过窗户可以看到卡赞卡的美丽景色,同时也不会失去空中乐园的能见度:观众、骑手和裁判都能舒适地观看下面发生的一切。圆形剧场俯瞰着一个大的儿童区,为了安全起见,用一堵墙与主航空公园隔开。该部分足够长,可以加速,同时必要的数字被集合起来,使滑雪尽可能的安全。

Above, there is a concrete amphitheater where athletes can relax, and next to it, on the flat parts of the bowl, there are unusual figures for perfecting the new tricks. Plywood sea for BMX freestyle There are quite a few indoor wooden airparks in Europe, but URAM takes BMX freestyle training zones to a new level in terms of scale and diversity. It is most convenient to observe the wooden airpark from the gallery on the second floor – this is the space around the perimeter of the entire zone, raised 4.5 meters above the floor. The windows offer a beautiful view of Kazanka, while the visibility of the airpark is not lost: spectators, riders, and judges will be able to comfortably watch everything that happens below. The amphitheater overlooks a large children’s area, separated by a wall from the main airpark for safety. The section is long enough to accelerate, while the necessary figures are assembled so that skiing is as safe as possible.

Architects: KOSMOS Architects, Legato Sports Architecture
Area: 7980 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Ilya Ivanov, Legato Sports Architecture
Engineering Solutions:Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt


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