Urbanprem Minami Aoyama,日本,Yuko Nagayama & Associates


This tenant building is in the residential neighborhood facing the narrow street from one block away from Aoyama Ave, by contrast to a number of tall buildings along the way. Situated in this gap between these two scales, we aim to stand the one in a way that doesn’ t belong to both of these scales.

建筑物的形状是相当向天空弯曲的,就像一个肚子向前伸出来一样,这使得人们在从街上往上看时无法分辨它有多少层。在每一层打开的两个狭长图案的窗户的设计也让人不清楚其规模。阳光反射在弯曲的外墙上,就像渐变一样,而在房间里,它通过窗户流进来。基于 “抽象 “的概念,我们设计了一种建筑和人之间相遇的新方式。

The shape of the building is fairly bent skywards, like a stomach being stuck out forward, which does not allow people to tell how many stories it has in looking up the building from the street. The design of two slit patterned windows that opens on each level also makes unclear the scale. Sunlight reflected on the curved outer wall like gradation, while inside of the room it streams in through the windows. Based on the concept of “abstraction “,we design a new way of the encounter between architecture and people.

Architects: Yuko Nagayama & Associates
Area: 144 m²
Year: 2012
Potographs: Daici Ano


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