Nº1 is an exclusive penthouse located on one of the most iconic streets in the city of Amsterdam, Vondelstraat, right next to the Vondelpark. The uniqueness of how this house has been conceived is the way space and volume have been understood on a totally new level, offering an enormous variety of spaces, sequences, and visual relations. It is an exercise to create a space that transmits serenity, calmness, and the possibility to connect on deeper levels individually or collectively.


The clarity of the structure creates and organizes the space. It is a celebration of noble materials, and timeless pieces have been custom-made for the project.


Every single detail has been carefully designed and custom-made for this specific project, as two long low steel platforms, that are a continuation of the library, and act as long coffee/tea tables facing each other from where you can contemplate the entire space and the skylight on top of the central staircase.


It is a jewel in the heart of the city, a very sensitive piece to be lived during day and night. The typical grey rainy Amsterdam weather becomes poetic in this house. The night is sensual, elegant, cozy, and serene, with warm indirect lighting.



This home is structured on two floors that are connected by a prominent amphitheater that is facing a steel library and the skylight on top brings light to the entire space.

This central piece acts not only as a physical connector between levels, but it has been created almost as a furniture piece to sit and watch a movie, enjoy a creative brainstorming session, or a live concert with a singer performing on the stage in front of the stairs. This little volume is containing a Japanese tree.


The second floor is the common living area. A big open space where elements such as the custom-made statuary marble kitchen one of the protagonists, establishes a clear dialogue with a very carefully designed fireplace.


The modular sofá in front of a giant wooden bench under the panoramic window is one of the new furniture pieces that are present in this space. The minimal sculptural off-white ceiling has three solid wooden beams that reveal the structural order of the roof.


The first floor accommodates three rooms. The master bedroom is very generous in space and it is connected through a wooden beam with the bathroom, which has a very sculptural and unique marble bathtub, two showers, and a beautiful Scandinavian sauna.

Architects: zU-studio
Area : 220 m²
Year : 2023
Photographs :Frans Parthesius
Manufacturers : CEA, Delta Light, Frank Pouwer, pure natural stone, zU-studio
Lead Architects : zU-studio . Javier Zubiria & Pierre Wizman
General Constructor : Sasha
City : Amsterdam
Country : The Netherlands