Vacuo纹身工作室,德国奥斯纳布鲁克,Gerdesmeyer Krohn

Vacuo工作室是一个极简空间位于德国奥斯纳布鲁克,由Gerdesmeyer Krohn设计。在Osnabruc的最后一家石材工厂中,设计师们与Vacuo工作室一起实现了独特的室内设计。这座砖石建筑,尤其让人联想到该地产上部的一座老教堂,建于13世纪,曾长期用作香肠熏房。2019年底,Vacuo工作室开始对这家历史悠久的酒店进行开发。

Vacuo Studio is a minimalist space located in Osnabrück, Germany, designed by Gerdesmeyer Krohn. In one of the last stone factories in Osnabrück, the designers realized a unique interior project together with and for Vacuo Studio. The masonry, which is particularly reminiscent of an old chapel in the upper part of the property, was built in the 13th century and was used for a long time as a sausage smokehouse. At the end of 2019, Vacuo Studio started work on the time-honored property.

Design:Gerdesmeyer Krohn
Photography:Thomas Wiuf Schwartz