Van Dyck Espressobar咖啡厅,德国科隆,Gerdesmeyer Krohn Office

Dyck Espressobar是一家极简主义咖啡馆,位于德国科隆,由Gerdesmeyer Krohn Office设计。在2020年初,工作室为科隆Sudstadt Severinstra咖啡吧e的Van Dyck咖啡烘焙工坊实现了一个独特的室内项目。第一个空间开业十年后,第三个地点开业了。继第一家商店的室内设计和Van Dyck品牌的企业形象之后,咖啡馆以极简主义的方式设计。这里没有咖啡的浪漫。浓缩咖啡吧专注于要点:准备高质量的咖啡专业和品牌的代表。当时的设想是设计一家成为公司旗舰店的商店。咖啡店和概念店。

Van Dyck Espressobar is a minimalist cafe located in Cologne, Germany, designed by Gerdesmeyer Krohn Office. In the beginning of 2020, the studio realized a unique interior project for the Van Dyck coffee roastery in the Severinstraße in Cologne’s Südstadt. Ten years after the opening of the first space, the third location opened its doors. Following the interior design of the first store and the corporate identity of the Van Dyck brand, the café was designed in a minimalist way. No coffee romance in here. The espresso bar focuses on the essentials: the preparation of high-quality coffee specialties and the representation of the brand. The vision was to design a shop that would become a flagship of the company. Espresso bar meets concept store.

Design: Gerdesmeyer Krohn Office
Client:Van Dyck
Photography: Thomas Wiuf Schwartz