VillaKymmendö度假屋,瑞典斯德哥尔摩,Jordens Arkitekter

Kymmendo别墅由斯德哥尔摩的Jordens Arkitekter事务所设计,是一个引人注目的夏季度假别墅,其特点是内外空间的融合。最小的玻璃结构与翠绿的环境和谐,同时提供一个舒适和宁静的撤退。

Conceived by Stockholm-based firm Jordens Arkitekter, ‘Villa Kymmendö‘ is a striking summer vacation house characterized by a blending of interior and exterior spaces. The minimal glass structure harmonizes with the verdant environment while offering a comfortable and serene retreat.
Located on a privately owned island off Dalarö, in the southern archipelago of Stockholm, the villa stands out amidst rocks and old pines for its clean lines and unique relation to the site. Glass envelops the entire structure with windows stretching around the entire 36 meter property, offering stunning views onto the lagoon and further enhancing the villa’s spatial connectivity to the outside. Thanks to its pillar construction, the structure seems to float above the terrain; around it runs a porch with several patios. A smaller guest house, similar in style, lies at a lower level, closer to the dramatic seafront.

Design: Jordens Arkitekter
Photograph:Åke E:son Lindman