The PODO Lounge is an open space designed to share the value pursued by the PODO Museum with everyone. Related books are provided to help understand the exhibition, and various programs will also be operated as a space for visitors to read, relax, and experience culture.

设计PODO酒店的建筑师伊丹淳(Jun Itami)是PODO休息室想法的开始。他通过投射济州岛房屋的传统美来设计PODO酒店。我设计了带有图案的PODO Lounge的家具。

The start of the idea of the PODO Lounge Jun Itami, the architect who designed the PODO Hotel. He designed the PODO Hotel by projecting the traditional beauty of Jeju houses. I designed the furniture of the PODO Lounge with motifs.

在多风的济州岛,屋顶被用一种叫做 “屋线 “的绳子牢牢固定,以防止屋顶被风吹动。我们试图在PODO Lounge的家具中捕捉到用网格覆盖的屋顶的简单和整洁的美。

In Jeju, which is windy, the roof was firmly fixed with a rope called a “house line” to prevent the roof from blowing in the wind. We tried to capture the simple and neat beauty of the roof covered with a grid in the furniture of the PODO Lounge.

通过应用让人联想到济州岛芦苇的Jungchae岛的颜色,以没有方形地方的柔和角度的形式,规划了一个具有稳定性和安宁性的空间。 这是一条环绕整个家具的亚克力带,它利用了济州岛屋顶的特性,创造了一种现代美学。

A space with stability and tranquility was planned by applying the color of Jungchae Island, which is reminiscent of Jeju’s reeds, in the form of a soft angle without a square place. It is an acrylic band that surrounds the entire furniture, and it makes use of the identity of the Jeju roof, creating a modern aesthetic.

Architects: maumstudio
Area : 148 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs :Ju Yeon Lee
Manufacturers : Toli, samhwa
Direction : Dalwoo Lee
Space Lead : Eunhye Oh
Space Design : Hanwool Kim
Client : Podo Museum
Program / Use / Building Function : Hotel Lounge
City : Seogwipo-si
Country : South Korea