Vinyl’s Mix发廊,日本东京,Sides Core

Vinyl’s Mix是一个小发廊位于日本东京,由SIDES CORE设计。该项目涉及一个带有图书馆的美发沙龙的搬迁。在所有的沙龙地点中,这个特别的沙龙以最年轻和最活跃的员工为特色,并有一个精选的书籍集来展示每个员工的想法和个性。这个名字参考了业主的想法,将音乐、艺术和其他形式的文化表达融入到一个发廊。图书馆也是这种理想的另一种表示。该空间有一个狭窄的立面,两侧是公用电表,窗户面向邻近物业的水泥块墙。钢梁穿过天花板,形成一个照明装置的网格。天花板下方的水管被改造成挂衣服的支架。重新设计的室内有大量的纹理材料,以协调现有未完成空间的粗糙。

Vinyl’s Mix is a minimal hair salon located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by SIDES CORE. The project involves the relocation of a hair salon with a library. Of all the salon’s locations, this particular salon features the youngest and most lively staff, and features a curated collection of books to showcase each of the employees’ ideas and personalities. The name references the owner’s idea to integrate music, art, and other forms of cultural expression into a hair salon. The library is an additional representation of this ideal as well. The space has a narrow façade flanked by utility meters, and windows facing the cement block wall of the adjacent property. Steel beams cross the ceiling to create a grid for lighting fixtures. Water pipes running just below the ceiling are repurposed as supports for hanging garments. The redesigned interior has plenty of textured materials to harmonize both the existing rough, unfinished space, as well as the essence of the salon.

Design: Sides Core
Photography: Masuda Yoshiro


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