Waverly Residence公寓,加拿大蒙特利尔,Mainstudio

Waverly住宅位于加拿大蒙特利尔,由mainstudio设计。最小的设计,但强大的形式和功能。公司创始人罗伯特·拉沃伊(Robert Lavoie)在这个980平方英尺的现代公寓里回响着拱形的门道。宽敞的窗户和丰富的开窗使自然光最大化。Lavioe将白色的墙壁与温暖的松木和赤褐色的地板相结合,以捕捉一种压倒性的平静和空气的感觉。亮点是一个极简主义的厨房,与后院毫不费力的连接——对于房主来说,真正模糊了室内和室外的生活。

Waverly Residence is a minimal duplex located in Montreal, Canada, designed by mainstudio. Minimal in design yet strong on form and function. Robert Lavoie, founder of the firm, echos arched doorways throughout this 980 square foot modern apartment. Expansive windows and abundant fenestration maximizes natural light but also offers geometric simplicity. Lavioe combines walls washed in white with warm pinewood and terracotta flooring to capture an overwhelming sense of calm and airiness. The highlight, a minimalist kitchen with effortless backyard connection – for the homeowner, truly blurring between indoor and outdoor living.



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