Wilo 公司,荷兰, Benthem Crouwel Architects


Wilo Nederland’s core business in manufacturing water pumps inspired the design of this company building: a tubular volume wrapped by a welded aluminum facade and a spectacular sloping cantilever above the water. The building is one of the first developments in the Hoogtij business park in Westzanerpolder.


The end facades are the representative facades to the forecourt and the water and are as transparent as possible. By contrast, the side facades are more closed and protect against the traffic noise on the Westzanerweg. The form and materials of the building add an extra dynamism to this road and enhance the experience for passing motorists.


The roof is made of light, profiled-steel sheeting. To enjoy the benefits of concrete — preventing rapid warming and overheating of the interior — the grooves in the steel sheets are partly filled with concrete. Two pipes, channelled through the concrete in each groove, provide for the cooling and, if necessary, heating, in addition to the main heating system in the floor. To match the accumulative capacity of a complete concrete roof, the designers used a special concrete mixture. The addition of grains with paraffin wax to the concrete means that excess warmth can be stored without affecting the temperature of the material. The upper surface of the sheet is perforated and fitted with acoustic insulation. The result: a lightweight roof with the accumulative capacity of concrete and good acoustic properties.

Architects: Benthem Crouwel Architects
Area: 1300 m²
Year: 2009
photographs: Jannes Linders
Country:The Netherlands


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