WOOD共享办公空间,葡萄牙里斯本,Anahory Almeida

将共享工作区的灵活性与会员俱乐部的设施相结合,秉承“工作是一件好事”的座右铭,WOOD被认为是里斯本自由职业者,初创企业和其他游牧专业人士的优质共同工作空间。WOOD距里斯本市中心的Marquêsde Pombal仅有一小段距离,坐落在一栋1960年代的八层建筑中,该建筑已由建筑和室内设计工作室Anahory Almeida的Ana Anahory和Felipa Almeida改造成一个轻松,欢快的现代主义灵感环境现代化的优雅环境,会员不仅可以工作和社交,还可以参加瑜伽课,洗澡甚至按摩。

Combining the flexibility of shared workspaces with the amenities of members clubs under the motto “work is good”, WOOD was conceived as a premium co-working space for Lisbon’s freelancers, start-ups and other nomadic professionals. A short distance from Marquês de Pombal in central Lisbon, WOOD is housed in a 1960s eight-storey building, which has been transformed by Ana Anahory and Felipa Almeida of architecture and interior design studio Anahory Almeida into a relaxed, cheerful environment of modernist-inspired contemporary elegance where members can not only work and socialize but also attend a yoga class, take a shower, and even have a massage.

Design:Anahory Almeida
Photography: Rodrigo Cardoso,Francisco Nogueira.