Xavier Hufken画廊,比利时布鲁塞尔,Bernard Dubois Architects

Xavier Hufkens是设在比利时布鲁塞尔的简约画廊,由Bernard Dubois Architects设计。Xavier Hufkens是欧洲领先的当代艺术画廊之一。画廊位于布鲁塞尔,通过多代领先的艺术家和庄园的个展保持多样化的方案。画廊以绘画,素描,雕塑,摄影和装置作品为特色的独特组合。画廊的前部设有落地玻璃大窗户,可自豪地展示特色艺术品和充足的自然光线。整个混凝土地板都与冷的混凝土地板形成鲜明对比,其中有些是整面墙。

Xavier Hufkens is a minimalist gallery space located in Brussels, Belgium, designed by Bernard Dubois Architects. Xavier Hufkens is one of Europe’s leading galleries for contemporary art. Located in Brussels, the gallery maintains a diverse program with solo exhibitions by multiple generations of leading artists and estates. The gallery deals in a distinctive combination of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and installation-based work. The front of the gallery is bestowed with a large floor-to-ceiling glass window that proudly displays a featured work of art with abundant natural light. The cold concrete floors are contrasted with light wood accents seen throughout, some of which outfitting an entire wall.

Design:Bernard Dubois Architects
Photograph:Bernard Dubois Architects