XYZ 休息室 ,比利时,Didier Fiúza Faustino

“XYZ休息室 “是一个交叉点,一个道路交汇的空间。它是根特Zebrastraat会议中心的访客之间交流的中心点。它对当代的欢聚和身体的概念提出质疑。在一个社会、性和性别身份被颠覆和质疑的时代,如何才能提供一个既中立又感性的空间,一个没有社会标记的空间,而不是为一个单一的身份量身定做呢?

“The XYZ Lounge is an intersection, a space where paths meet. It is the central point for exchanges between the visitors to the conference center of Zebrastraat in Ghent. It questions the contemporary notions of conviviality and physicality. During a time where social, sexual, and gender identities are upturned and questioned, how may one provide a space which is both neutral and sensual, a space free from social markers, without tailoring to a singular identity?” summarizes Didier Faustino.


The architectural intervention on the XYZ Lounge, a 360m² surface area, aims at redefining the use and the volumes of the public spaces: entrance hall, central nave and bar, lateral rooms, and mezzanine platforms leading to the conference halls and meeting rooms. A made-to-measure metallic frame imposes a new outline for the space, supporting the walls and ceilings that have been brought in: stucco moldings, marble panels, textile ceilings, lighting surfaces, and wood claddings.


The lounge spans out into three spaces from the entrance: an open space on the left-hand side, for cocktails and evening parties with a DJ including a projection screen, an adjoining bar below the central nave, and a smaller open space on the right-hand side with access to the terrace. The furniture, designed specifically for the space, is composed of fixed elements made of marble (counter, islands, and suspension lights), high tables and chairs (varnished steel tubes, marble surfaces, leather seats), and a series of rotomoulded seats in polypropylene.


“The XYZ Lounge has been conceived as an interstice-space offering a new form of physicality and identity, a space of convergence and interaction where temporality is suspended. It is a space conducive to physical trajectories and a certain form of eroticism, at the center of which the bar spreads out, the spot of connections and disconnection, the anchoring point where people come and go.

大理石、灰泥和织物,所有干净的材料,为在这个中间空间的相遇提供了舞台,创造了一个信封,不同的色调呼唤着我们的肉体感性。XYZ休息室,意识到它的双重性,将我们投射到科幻小说的浪漫主义中,跨越到一个未知但熟悉的其他地方。” 迪迪埃-福斯蒂诺

The marble, the stucco, and the fabric, all clean materials, stage the encounters made within this in-between space, creating an envelope where the different tonalities call out to our carnal sensuality. The XYZ Lounge, conscious of its duality, projects us into a romanticism of science fiction, crossing over into an unknown yet familiar elsewhere.” Didier Faustino

Architects: Didier Fiúza Faustino
Year : 2021
Photographs :Felipe Ribon
Project Manager : Pascal Mazoyer
Studio Manager : Marie-Hélène Fabr
Collaborating Intern : Elia Molinaro
Furniture Design Consultant : Christophe Dubois
Mechanical Consultant : Philippe Smith
City : Ghent
Country : Belgium