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静安大学位于琵琶湖的景色中。空间设计班的课程每年都使用 “芦苇 “种植来制作他们的景观。这是我第二次使用生长在滋贺县琵琶湖的芦苇,作为学校节日的摊位材料。

The Seian University is located within the views of the Lake Biwa. The curriculum of the Spatial Design class every year produces their landscape using “reed” grows. This is the second time I used reed, which is grown in Biwako, Shiga, as a material for a stall for a school festival.

虽然上次我只是把它作为一个卖关东煮的地方,日本的传统食品之一,但这次我加入了 “系统性 “的想法(有一个特定的规则存在,我觉得很有趣)。

Though last time I used it simply for a place to sell Oden,one of the Japanese traditional food, this time I added the idea of “systematic” (there is a certain rule exists where I found interesting).


First of all, I prepared six panels of reeds and put them (the front, back, left, right and the tops for the roof parts) together with reeds. As a panel it doesn’t stand itself yet but putting them together and building them makes it possible to stand and gives us some space inside.


Seen from the front of the stall, structured randomly but systematically, the stall looks like a gabled roof which is familiar to the Japanese. Oden also is familiar and usually reminds us of our mom’s cooking. A small discovery of a roof and a memory of their mom’s cooking made the people feel relaxed and came to buy food with a warm feeling when a chilly day.


It takes only a couple of days to build this type of stall and it can be built easily. I would like to have more opportunities to provide some spaces like this kind of temporary stall for future projects.

Designers: Naoya Matsumoto Design
Year: 2013
Photographs: Takeshi Asano
Design Team:Naoya Matsumoto


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