yyyyynnn咖啡馆,韩国首尔,Creative Studio Unravel

yyyyynnn是一家位于韩国首尔的极简主义咖啡馆,由Creative Studio设计。该空间的特点是强调物质性,选择独特的部件,具有独特的品质,将自己从空间的其他部分和其他物体中分离出来。一个黑色的整体餐桌和配套的凳子成为室内的中心,而铜架和钢橱柜创造了一个光滑的背景。最引人注目的是水蓝色玻璃隔墙,它向外滑动,将室内空间向外开放。

yyyyynnn is a minimalist cafe located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by Creative Studio Unravel. The space is characterized by its emphasis on materiality, choosing distinct pieces that have unique qualities that separate itself from the rest of the space and other objects. A monolith blackened dining table with accompanying stools serve as the centerpiece of the interior, while copper shelving and steel cabinetry create a sleek backdrop. Most notable is the aqua blue glass partitions that slide out to open the interior to the outside space.

Design: Creative Studio Unravel
Photography: Sunghoon Han