308S Apartment住宅,巴西巴西利亚,Bloco Arquitetos

308S Apartment是位于巴西巴西利亚的简约住宅,由Bloco Arquitetos设计。尽管该空间在过去进行了几处翻新,但建筑师们希望通过开放空间并更换部分墙壁来集中精力重新配置布局。墙壁被半透明的隔断所取代,该隔断允许光线通过同时保持隐私。半透明的滑动门使厨房与就餐和起居区分开。

308S Apartment is a minimalist interior located in Brasília, Brazil, designed by Bloco Arquitetos. While the space has undergone several renovations in the past, the architects wanted to focus on reconfiguring the layout by opening up the space and replace some of the walls. Walls were substituted with translucent partitions that allow light to pass through while maintaining privacy. The semi-transparent sliding doors provide separation between the kitchen from the dining and living areas.

Design:Bloco Arquitetos
Photograph:Joana França