Amber Kampot是Bloom在2018年初进行的一个度假项目。在宏伟的博科山脚下的亚洲红树林的背景下,布鲁姆调查了一个针对贡布的豪华度假区,将深入研究柬埔寨的文化。为现代旅行者策划,当代的别墅像当地的渔民村庄一样有机地插入度假村的路径蜿蜒。

Amber Kampot is a resort project undertaken by Bloom in early 2018. In the context of an Asian mangrove at the foot of the magnificent Bokor Mountains, Bloom investigates a Kampot-specific luxury retreat that would delve into the Cambodian culture. Curated for the modern traveler, contemporary villas are inserted organically like local fisherman villages as the resort paths meander.

在河流和山峰之间,在稻田和红树林之间,在殖民时期的贡布镇和盐场之间,Amber Kampot是一个旨在展示当地特色的度假村。设计混合了温暖的深色木材和中性色彩,并有大量的点缀纹理,以反映该地区的自然美景。为了回答这样一个丰富的环境,一个旺盛的设施建筑和游泳池俯瞰着河流,从河边进入。这个水平平台由混凝土、砂岩和木质百叶窗组成,以过滤阳光,作为一个灯塔,并提供了一个独特的到达酒店的感觉。永恒的和不朽的,一系列用柬埔寨灰色砂岩覆盖的别墅被插入尼帕棕榈树的茂密植被中。这些别墅的设计是为了让人们从日常生活中脱离出来,进入一个更加宁静和茂盛的环境。它们以一个内部花园为中心,里面有精心挑选的当地物种和一个私人游泳池。

Between river and mountain, between rice fields and mangrove, between the colonial town of Kampot and its salt farms, Amber Kampot is a resort designed to showcase the locale. The design mixes warm dark wood and neutral colors with plenty of accented textures to reflect the area’s natural beauty. To answer such a rich environment, an exuberant facility building and pool overlook the river, with access from the river. This horizontal platform is made of concrete, sandstone, and wooden shutter to filter the sun acts as a beacon and provides a unique sense of arrival to the hotel. Timeless and monumental, a series of villas covered in Cambodian grey sandstone is inserted within the lush vegetation of Nippa palms. The villas are designed to propose a disconnection from the daily routine to a more serene and lush environment. They are self-centered around an inner garden with curated local species and a private swimming pool.

内部空间并不杂乱,以避免影响周围的风景。Amber Kampot的建筑是关于具体的、慷慨的和对环境的尊重。当地设计师和施工人员的团队合作,以突出工艺和贡布的独特之处,贡布是柬埔寨南海岸的睡美人。贡布特色的独特融合催生了一种新型的度假村,在这里人们被大自然的美丽所包围。琥珀酒店品牌的开发是为了让客人在世界各地发现新的低调的地方。

The interior spaces are uncluttered so as to not detract from the surrounding scenery. The architecture of Amber Kampot is about being specific, generous, and respectful of the environment. The team of local designers and constructors collaborated in order to highlight the crafts and the unique feature of Kampot, the sleeping beauty of the south coast of Cambodia. This unique blend of Kampotian idiosyncrasies gives birth to a new type of resort, where one is surrounded by the beauty of nature. Amber hotel brand was developed in order to allow guests to discover new understated places around the world.

Architects: Bloom Architecture
Area : 6000 m²
Year : 2020
Photographs :Hiroyuki Oki
Contractor : BSN Co. Ltd.
Design Team : Antoine Meinnel, Cristina Toran, Robin Leonard, Ith Sovannarith, Ny Kechseang, Khoan Pengly, Patel Saniya
City : Krong Kampot
Country : Cambodia