Annaka住宅,日本群马,Studio Synapse


There is a vacant place to the south of the planned site. This is a place waiting for the start of widening work on national roads. Towns are formed by a dynamic and ever-accumulating collection of things, whether they are captured by a large flow of time or viewed momentarily. This empty space, which lies between the gaps of this dynamic object and is irrelevant independently of it, has a laid-back attitude of “only now” with a passive attitude of waiting, not belonging to anyone. is there. Also, by putting yourself here, you can objectively see what is flowing around you. And it is found from a perspective that gives a bird’s eye view of the relationship between flowing things and “popping.” When I discovered how this kind of place should be, I thought about the possibility of creating “popping” in the house. Here, the gap of the house, which is continuous from the gap of the town, is placed in the center of the site that slopes north and south, and a private room and a functional space are placed on both sides. In contrast to the two-dimensional space created on a physical scale, a roof with a spacious floor like a high and spacious arcade was erected on the gap between the floors with gradual level differences.

Location: Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture
Main application: Private housing
Design: Studio Synapse Mikiya Ueki + Shin Saori
Construction: Yasumatsu Tateken
Structure / scale: Wooden conventional method, 2 stories
Site area: 497.48㎡
Building area: 113.90㎡
Total floor area: 113.89㎡
Completion time: November 2019
Photo taken by Goichi Torimura