Antônio Bicudo 公寓,巴西, Vão

Antônio Bicudo公寓位于三层建筑的上层,位于Pinheiros附近。未来住户的要求是重新安排50平方米的实用面积,以便将卧室与其他空间隔离开来。考虑到这一点,施工几乎是在没有任何拆除的情况下完成的,这在改造项目中是很不寻常的。

The apartment Antônio Bicudo is located on the upper level of a three levels building, situated in the neighborhood of Pinheiros. The stand point requested by the future resident was that the 50m2 of the useful area were to be rearranged, so that the bedroom could be isolated from the remaining spaces. Considering it, the construction was realized almost without any demolition, which is quite unusual in remodeling projects.


The extension of the already existing wall allowed the creation of a volume that shelters the bedroom, relocating it from the main facade, which was turned to the street, to the posterior one, where the windows faced an interior garden used by all the inhabitants. Besides preserving this resting ambient from the street sounds, the new establishment was also intended so that the proportions of the integrated living area (living room, kitchen and balcony) were balanced, as well as the natural light that falls upon which of them.


In the external facet, turned to the living room, the volume received iron elements (a shelf and a support furniture) that goes through 3.5 linear meters to get up books, electronics devices and the collection of LPs. Given that the building provides a collective laundry room at the ground floor, the area marked out to a private one at the flat was replaced by a big pantry cabinet (that holds not only food and household cleaning chemicals, but also a washing tank), embedded at the side facet of the mentioned volume.


The remaining wet areas were brought together in a unique transversal axis situated at the back of the apartment. On top of the bathroom are located the storage water tanks of the whole building so that the lining underneath the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom conforms a horizontal plan of a lower height, which is only interrupted at the living room area, where the ceiling leaves out the wood structure. Together, the lining and the volume untied to the ceiling were able to enlarge the social area, generating an additional space on the top of the volume that can be accessed by a metallic support stair.

Architects: Vão
Area: 50 m²
Year: 2017
Photographs: Rafaela Netto
Manufacturers: Iluminação, Serralheria, Vidraçaria
Country: Brazil


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