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以技术为动力的设计公司Bryden Wood已经为Circle Health Group完成了一家新医院,该医院结合了形式和功能,以提高临床效果。该医院建在Edgbaston健康区的BBC Pebble Mill工作室的旧址上。

Tech-powered design company Bryden Wood has completed a new hospital for Circle Health Group which combines form and function to boost clinical outcomes. The hospital is built on the site of the former BBC Pebble Mill Studios in Edgbaston’s Health Quarter.


The project reinvents hospital design by delivering enhanced patient care at a 30% lower cost than comparable hospitals1.
Bryden Wood are the architects and engineers for the new 18,000 sqm hospital which comprises five operating theatres, 30 recovery beds, and 140 bedrooms. It also houses a comprehensive imaging department and rehabilitation facility.

布赖登-伍德和Circle Health Group密切合作,建立了一个设计,将关键的、高科技的高规格空间与非关键空间(如咨询室和等候区)分开,以按照相应的临床部门设置建筑类型。这大大降低了成本,并在施工中期决定纵向扩展到最初设计方案的两倍时,使医院得以发展。

Bryden Wood and Circle Health Group worked closely to establish a design that separates critical, high-tech high-spec spaces from non-critical spaces (such as consulting rooms and waiting areas) to set up the building typologies in line with the appropriate clinical departments. This significantly reduced costs and allowed the hospital to grow when the decision was made mid-construction to expand vertically to double the size of the initial brief.

布赖登-伍德将其 “价值设计 “方法应用于该项目,分析了整个建筑的多个流程,以产生一个合理化的设计,提供效率和价值。临床、手术和恢复区域都集中在一层,以避免工作人员在不同楼层之间移动。布赖登-伍德公司对部门位置进行了广泛的研究,并分析了病人和员工如何使用该建筑,以优化设计,提高临床效果和安全性。

Bryden Wood applied its Design to Value methodology to the project, analysing multiple processes throughout the building to produce a rationalised design delivering efficiency and value. Clinical, operating and recovery areas are all together on one floor to avoid staff moving between levels. Bryden Wood carried out extensive research into department placement and analysed how patients and staff would use the building in order to optimise the design, and improve clinical outcomes and safety.

布赖登-伍德的董事会董事Paul O’Neill说:”这里的成本节约标志着医院设计和建造方式的一步改变。我们对价值的关注将建筑的美学和人文属性放在首位,因此这些节约来自于设计的效率,而不是对质量的妥协。我们可以自豪地说,医院和它的周围环境是美丽的,让人感到愉悦”。

Paul O’Neill, Board Director at Bryden Wood, says: “The cost savings here signal a step change in the way hospitals are designed and constructed. Our focus on value prioritises the aesthetic and human properties of the building, so these savings come from efficiency in design not a compromise on quality. We’re proud to say the hospital and its surroundings are beautiful to look at and a pleasure to be in.”

医疗保健商业模式以快速和破坏性的演变而闻名。为了应对这种情况,越来越需要创建 “可扩展的医院”,以尽量减少前期投资,但允许设施随着商业模式和病人需求的变化而增长。

Healthcare business models are renowned for rapid and disruptive evolution. To respond to this there is an increasing need to create ‘expandable hospitals’ that minimise upfront investment but allow facilities to grow as business models and patient needs evolve.


Flexibility and adaptability in design and construction were key to this project.
Construction started in 2017 with a 10,400m2 scheme. However, shortly after it began the business model evolved rapidly and Bryden Wood was appointed to deliver a much larger 18,000m2 facility. Bryden Wood’s phased strategy allowed the building to be expanded in different directions (at different times) while maintaining a fully operational hospital with high-quality functional spaces from day one.
Given the hospital’s location in the Edgbaston Health Quarter minimising disruption to the character of the area and sightlines was a must. Bryden Wood designed a hospital that instead of building higher and higher was horizontal in focus. With the end results sitting comfortably within its green context with no loss of efficiency for Circle staff and patients.

Paul O’Neill继续说 “这是一个测试设计灵活性的好机会,Paul O’Neill继续说道。”我们设计中的适应性使我们能够完成一个明显改变的任务,并在施工中得到好评。”
Circle Health Group的资本项目交付总监Jacqueline Droogan说。”Bryden Wood的设计使我们能够提供一个高规格的现代化医院,使我们能够将新一代的康复服务引入中部地区,满足神经系统和肌肉骨骼疾病以及运动损伤患者的需求”。

Paul O’Neill continues: “This was a great opportunity to test the flexibility of the design, continues Paul O’Neill. “The adaptability built into our design allowed us to deliver on a significantly changed brief that was received well into construction.”
“Building new facilities that can grow and change over time are a high priority for both the NHS and private health organisations. This hospital will be seen as an example of how to successfully future-proof design.”
Jacqueline Droogan, Director of Capital Programme Delivery at Circle Health Group, said: “Bryden Wood’s design has enabled us to deliver a high spec, modern hospital that enables us to introduce the new generation of rehabilitation services into the Midlands, catering for patients with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, and sports injuries.”

该项目延续了布赖登-伍德与Circle Health的长期合作关系,该合作关系始于Circle Reading医院,今年,在Circle收购BMI Healthcare后,该公司的一名建筑师将被借调到Circle Heath,开发其57家医院的资产。

The project continues Bryden Wood’s long-standing partnership with Circle Health which began with Circle Reading Hospital and, this year, will see an architect from the practice seconded to Circle Heath to develop their estate of 57 hospitals following Circle’s acquisition of BMI Healthcare.


Separately, Bryden Wood has been advising the Government on their Hospital Infrastructure Plan, and the practice is becoming internationally recognised in the health sector and construction in industry for designing world-class healthcare buildings that offer enhanced patient experience with significant cost savings.

Architects: Bryden Wood
Area: 18000 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Rory Mulvey, Jocelyn Low, Tim Cornbill
Architect:Bryden Wood
Structural Engineer:Bryden Wood
Country:United Kingdom


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