One of the corners with the greatest impact in Alameda Central is at the intersection between Avenida Juárez and Calle Doctor Mora.In the last edition of MEXTRÓPOLI, there was installed the Comex piece designed by Graciastudio.The installation was formed based on a low-caliber, prefabricated and self-supporting structure.
Created from ten modules where each of them housed a wooden panel covered with recycled material of Comex brand products on its exterior and a reflective surface inside.This piece of circular base with nine meters in diameter and three meters high, offered different experiences as the user approached it.


From a distance, there was a great skin of silvery scales whose diffuse reflections generated flashes of light.In the outer perimeter, one was with a rough surface, generated by more than one thousand completely flat Comex cans placed in a very orderly manner on a wooden surface painted black.
The pavilion had a single entrance to an enclosing space in which one was reflected to infinity.The Comex pavilion was relocated and can now be visited in the Green Rome Orchard.

Project Name: Comex | Graciastudio
Architects: Grace studio | Jorge Grace
Builder: Efficiency Factor
Location: Alameda Central, Mexico City
Date: 2019
Photography: Jaime Navarro


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