Couldrey House,澳大利亚布里斯班,Peter Besley

Couldrey House是由Peter Besley设计的位于澳大利亚布里斯班的简约住宅。这是建筑师为他的家人设计的房屋,位于澳大利亚的库特塔山(“ Honey Mountain”)山麓下。他对美丽的地形着迷,并希望房子直接从旧山的岩石中冒出来。砖砌是整体的,谈到坚固性和持久性。连同混凝土上部结构,房屋非常沉重,并因热量而冷却。选择了一种薄而长的灰白色砖,并从水平缝上洒出了匹配的砂浆,产生了“灯芯绒”效果。砂浆捕捉到光线并形成具有景观品质的效忠。人们把它比作树皮和沉积岩。孩子们说这是结冰的蛋糕。

Couldrey House is a minimalist residence located in Brisbane, Australia, designed by Peter Besley. This is a house the architect designed for a member of his family in the foothills of Mount Coot-tha (“Honey Mountain”) in Australia. He became fascinated with the beautiful topography and wanted the house to spring directly from the rock of the old mountain. The brickwork is monolithic, and speaks of solidity and permanence. Together with the concrete superstructure, the house is immensely heavy and cools by thermal mass. A thin, long off-white brick was chosen and a matching mortar which spills from the horizontal joint giving a “corduroy” effect. The mortar catches the light and forms allegiances with landscape qualities. People have likened it to tree bark, and sedimentary rock. Children say it is cake with icing.

Design:Peter Besley
Photography: Rory Gardiner