Dotcom Space咖啡厅,日本东京,Keiji Ashizawa Design

总部位于东京的著名建筑公司安居庆二(Keiji Ashizawa Design)设计了“ Dotcom Space ”,这是位于东京充满活力的地区原宿的一家新颖,简约的咖啡厅,以咖啡馆,饭店和时尚精品店而闻名。
在过去的十年中,咖啡在全球获得了极大的欢迎。该饮料拥有无数的技能,配方,技术和烘烤特性,可加以完善。不起眼的咖啡豆最吸引人的方面之一是,它的制备本质上是基于精密的艺术。快速发展的咖啡技术领域提供了越来越多的方法来提高咖啡酿造的准确性。在原宿,“ Dotcom Space”是东京特色咖啡界的新成员,它突破了技术和酿造的界限。在这里,与咖啡师并肩工作的机械臂坐在水泥柜台上,不断完善倒入咖啡的过程。紧接着,球形奶粉分配器形式的另一项创新以精确的数量小心地滴下了几毫米的牛奶。
场地的内部通过建筑师Ishinomaki Laboratory定制的木制家具完美地补充了这种精度,Ishinomaki Laboratory是由该公司共同创立的一家知名家具公司。该空间具有柔和的调色板,突出了未经处理的木材的独特品质,当与混凝土搭配使用时,可实现传统和工业材料的和谐平衡。建筑师利用钢梁将这个独特空间的入口框起来,并采用可伸缩的玻璃板,这些玻璃板通向宁静的庭院。

Renowned Tokyo-based architecture firm Keiji Ashizawa Design has designed ‘Dotcom Space’—an innovative, minimalist coffee parlour in Harajuku, a vibrant district of Tokyo known for its abundance of cafes, restaurants, and fashion boutiques.
In the last decade, coffee has gained immense popularity globally. The beverage holds an unending number of skills, recipes, techniques, and roasting profiles to be perfected. Perhaps one of the humble coffee bean’s most alluring facets is that it’s preparation is inherently based upon the art of precision. The rapidly emerging scene of technology in coffee offers a growing number of ways to increase accuracy in coffee brewing. In Harajuku, ‘Dotcom Space’ is a recent addition to the Tokyo specialty coffee scene that pushes the boundaries of technology and brewing. Here, working alongside baristas, robotic arms sit atop a concrete counter, continually perfecting the extraction of pour over coffee. Next to this, another innovation in the form of a spherical milk dispenser carefully drips milk in millimeters for exacting quantities.
The interior of the venue perfectly complements this precision through the architects’ use of bespoke timber furniture by Ishinomaki Laboratory, an acclaimed furniture company co-founded by the firm. The space features a muted color palette that highlights the unique quality of the untreated timber which, when paired with concrete, produces a harmonious balance of traditional and industrial materials. Utilizing steel beams, the architects have framed the entrance of this unique space, incorporating retractable glass panels that open out onto a tranquil courtyard.

Name: Keiji Ashizawa Design
Project: Dotcom Space
Location: Japan
Photography: Takumi Ota


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