Largo do Carmo公寓,葡萄牙里斯本,Aurora Arquitectos

位于里斯本的拉戈多卡莫,一个绿树成荫的历史广场,其如画的魅力掩盖了城市喧嚣的过去,这间最近翻新的公寓占据了18世纪庞巴林大厦的整个楼层,其庄严的宏伟已由Aurora Arquitectos用当代的先进和极简主义风格进行了改造。

Located in Lisbon’s Largo do Carmo, a tree-lined, historical square whose picturesque charm belies the city’s tumultuous past, this recently renovated apartment occupies the entire floor of an 18th century Pombaline building whose stately grandeur has been revamped with contemporary sophistication and minimalist flair by Aurora Arquitectos.

Design: Aurora Arquitectos
Photography: do mal o menos
Area: 300sqm
Completed: 2019