Melown Technologies SE 办公室 ,布拉格, studio AEIOU


The overall interior design consists in maintaining the existing principle of an open office, the so-called open-space, as well as in adding new material and spatially defined functional spaces. These cylindrical volumes are located in contrast to the workstations in the middle of the layout and partly around the perimeter.


The rounded shapes respond to the triangular floor plan and also create a smooth transition between the work and multi-purpose zones. In addition to the functions inside the cylinders, it also creates areas in close proximity enabling variable use, such as seating, gathering – or allowing company presentations and exhibitions to take place. Furthermore, it creates an imaginary security filter maintaining the necessary privacy in the work area. In addition, the functions and overall visuals are complemented by diverse – materials, burdened by both color (BRE) and haptic variety.

脑力激荡室和休闲室以及用餐区位于整个办公室的中心,公司的基本和有价值的活动可以在这里进行。为此,材料的两侧以不同的方式进行了构思,在内部和外部铺设了触感良好的高绒毛地毯,以提供舒适性。其他体积是半透明的聚碳酸酯、木材、石膏板或玻璃。最后但并非最不重要的是,Melown Technologies SE的标志也是一个灵感来源,其圆形的排版可以唤起工业办公空间中的设计体量。

The brainstorming and relaxation rooms along with the dining area lie at the heart of the entire office, where the fundamental and valuable activities of the company can take place. On that account, the sides of the materials were conceived in a different way by lining inside and outside with a tactile high-pile carpet to provide comfort. Other volumes are translucent polycarbonate, wood, plasterboard, or glass. Last but not least, the Melown Technologies SE logo was also a source of inspiration, its rounded typography can evoke the designed volumes in the industrial office space.


This concept, creating a rough and hard environment with rounded and soft volumes inside, was the intention from the beginning. Simple and color-neutral materials used for tables, floors, and walls together with the approved installations on the ceiling should then make the greatest contribution to this.

Architects: studio AEIOU
Area: 210 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Ing. BcA. Martin Zeman
Lead Architects: Ing. arch. Jan Vojtíšek, Ing. Jakub Staník
Design Team:Ing. arch. Tamara Vojtíšková, Bc. Diana Bevelaquová, Ing. Martin Veřmiřovský
City:Prague 5
Country:Czech Republic


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