瑞士建筑公司ROK – Rippmann Oesterle Knauss已经完成了位于德国斯图加特的MRQT精品店。该店有一面独特的毛皮墙,由22.000根具有独立方向和不同长度的木棒组成。该装置参考了纺织品和布的流动形式和精致的纹理。它为展示在光滑的集成衣架上的时尚物品创造了一个独特的、令人感动的背景。流动的木棍和微妙的灯光框住了中央的全高镜子,为顾客形成了一个中央 “舞台”。榉木的展示架和货架与墙面装置的材料相匹配。连同以白色墙壁和研磨过的混凝土地板为特色的极简主义内部空间,该店为浏览精心挑选的优质街头服饰品牌的顾客营造了一种温暖而诱人的氛围。

Swiss architecture firm ROK – Rippmann Oesterle Knauss has completed the MRQT boutique in Stuttgart, Germany. The store features a unique fur-like wall consisting of 22.000 wooden sticks with individual directions and of various lengths. The installation refers to the flowing forms and delicate texture of textiles and cloth. It creates a unique and sensational background for the fashion items displayed on the smoothly integrated clothes hangers. The flow of wooden sticks and subtle lighting frames a central full height mirror and forms a central “stage” for the customer. Display stands and shelving in beech wood match the material of the wall installation. Together with the minimalistic interior space featuring white walls and a grinded concrete floor, the store develops a warm and inviting atmosphere for the customers browsing through a well-curated selection of premium street-wear brands.


The wall was designed using customized digital tools to master the large number of wooden sticks. CNC-drilled holes define the individual direction of every stick installed. Only a perfectly streamlined production process guaranteed the efficient and feasible realization of the project.


ROK is a Swiss architecture and consultancy firm with a focus on unique designs, interior and point of sale spaces. ROK offers design and planning services, as well as complete interior build out solutions through a strong network of partners for fabrication and construction. Architecture for ROK is the creative translation process of complex requirements of the client into individual and suitable designs. The Firm combines its unique expertise in the field of automated fabrication and computer based planning with a deep understanding of traditional craftsmen technology in order to deliver outstanding and efficient architecture. Efficiency means to conceive designs that are sustainable and appropriate for the material involved, as well as executing a project economically and in due time.

Architects: ROK
Area: 60 m²
Year: 2013
Photographs: Daniel Stauch


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