EXarchitects has built the PMC House a single-family home. It is a designer home whose owners have closely collaborated at all times with our architects in order to achieve a 100% project adapted to their needs and taste.

这座房子有三层楼和一个花园。在第一层,我们发现入口处的地板是围绕一个垂直通信核心的开放概念,使我们能够很容易地将这个内部分隔为房子的未来用途。 我们通过嵌入混凝土墙的悬臂式钢梯上楼,创造一个单一的楼梯。卧室就在这一层,有通往甲板的净空。最后下楼,我们发现了地下室,那里有一个车库和一个多功能室,有一个窗户可以接触到游泳池的玻璃。

The house has three floors and a garden. In the first place, we find the entry floor that is the open concept around a vertical communication core that allows us to easily compartmentalize this interior to future purposes of the house. We go upstairs through a cantilevered steel steps ladder embedded in the concrete wall, creating a singular staircase. The bedrooms are on this floor that has headroom to the deck. Finally going downstairs, we find the basement where there is a garage and a multipurpose room that has a window touching the pool’s glass.


Another of the singular elements designed for this house is a skylight over the stairwell that goes without interruption in part of the roof and the east façade giving natural light to the house’s core.

Architects: EXarchitects
Year: 2021
Photographs: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)
Colaborator:Belén Clavaín Bustos
Infographics:EXarchitects, Carlos López Lagarda
City:Villaviciosa de Odón


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