Sling Tables,英国伦敦,Industrial Facility

Sling Tables是由伦敦工作室Industrial Facility for Takt设计的简约咖啡桌系列。设计清晰,简单,桌面的形状是矩形和圆形的混合体-具有丰富的斯堪的纳维亚历史的超椭圆形。Sling Coffee Table是一张大桌子,可保持接地,但外观较轻。设计清晰简单,但其中包含多个层次。桌子底盘的不对称性可以改变外观,同时可以将下侧桌子嵌套在下面。您可以通过将Sling Side Table的一部分嵌套在Sling Coffee Table下来扩展更大的平台。

Sling Tables is a minimalist collection of coffee tables designed by London-based studio Industrial Facility for Takt. The design is clear, simple with the shape of the table-top is a blend of a rectangle and a circle – a super-ellipse form with a rich Scandinavian history. Sling Coffee Table is a large table that stays grounded but is light in appearance. The design is clear and simple, yet there are several layers in it; asymmetry in the table chassis allows for a changeable appearance, while allowing the possibility for nesting the lower side table underneath. You can extend a larger platform by letting the Sling Side Table nest partly under the Sling Coffee Table.
Sling Coffee Table is made from solid oak: a durable material with a natural weight that lends authority to the design. We only work in FSC® certified wood, which means the forests are given time to naturally regenerate, local wildlife is sustained and worker conditions are balanced. Oak has a characteristic structure which gives a beautiful texture and a familiar tangibility to the surface. The table is coated with a very thin water based lacquer, that allows for easy cleaning while emphasizing the delicate structure of the wood. Sling Coffee Table is designed through TAKT’s Eco System Design principle and are shipped as flat packs, which itself is made from recycled materials.

Design:Industrial Facility
Photograph:Industrial Facility