Spencer Courtyard住宅,英国伦敦,Kennedy Twaddle

Spencer Courtyard是英国肯尼迪·特瓦德尔(Kennedy Twaddle)设计的简约住宅,位于英国伦敦。在Regents公园路前面的梯田后面的一个前院子里,建造了五座新的庭院风格房屋。该计划包括三个新建的单层住宅,每个住宅都有两个私人庭院。现有两层楼房的部分重建允许另外两套公寓。
内部的倾斜形式通过裸露的屋顶结构表达和突出,给空间带来通风感。环绕庭院的宽大玻璃窗创造了一个自由流动的计划,辅以简单的材料调色板。斯宾塞万怡(Spencer Courtyard)通过精心调整计划,并成功地结合了形式,光线和材料,设法充分利用了狭窄的场地。

Spencer Courtyard is a minimalist residence located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Kennedy Twaddle. Five new courtyard style houses have been constructed in a former timber yard tucked behind terraces fronting Regents park Road. The scheme consists of three new build single story dwellings each house having two private courtyards. A partial rebuild of an existing two story block allowed for another two apartments.
Pitched green roofs are the dominant form of the project, inspired by the traditional London, or butterfly, roofs overlooking the site. The neighbors view of the site now have a look onto living roofs as opposed to the previous industrial landscape. Projecting decorative brickwork adds texture to the facades and the walls between the houses are perforated offering privacy and interest. As the sun tracks around the site the courtyards allow the path of the sun to penetrate deep in to the houses and the views of the perforated brickwork constantly change.
Internally the pitched form is expressed and accentuated by the exposed roof structure giving the spaces an airy feel. Expansive glazing wrapping around the courtyards create a free-flowing plan complimented by a simple palette of materials. Spencer Courtyard manages to make good use of a tight site with a fine tuned plan and a successful combination of form, light and materials.

Design:Kennedy Twaddle
Photography: Henry Woide