The Concrete Villa住宅,瑞士卢加诺, DF__DC

建筑师Dario Franchini和Diego Calderon将住宅设计为一面有人居住的墙,其形式采用了地块的细长梯形形状。“为了避免过于长和封闭的体量的影响,同时也确保一定程度的隐私,侧面立面由一系列深矩形鳍连接,”该公司解释说。该住宅坐落在前葡萄园的旧址上。它的外部由灰色钢筋混凝土建造;体量以不同的角度布置,创造出引人注目的立面。一个巨大的弯曲楼梯连接了住宅的三层楼,形成了室内引人注目的焦点。它通向一层的卧室,不对称的位置使房子从街道上看起来更小,同时呈现与房子后面的游泳池相反的效果。

Situated in the Comano hills, a small village near Lugano in the southern region of Switzerland, architecture firm DF__DC has designed ‘The Concrete Villa’ to emulate the shape of its geometric site.
Responding to a brief to conceal the interior from neighboring homes on both the north and south end, founders Dario Franchini and Diego Calderon conceived of the house as an inhabited wall, with its form taking after the plot’s elongated trapezoid shape. “In order to avoid the effect of an excessively long and closed volume but also ensuring a level of privacy, the flank elevations are articulated by a series of deep rectangular fins,” explains the firm. The home sits on the site of a former vineyard. Its exterior is constructed from gray reinforced concrete; volumes are positioned at varying angles to create the striking facade. A large, curving staircase connects the three stories of the home and forms an arresting focal point for the interior. It leads up to bedrooms on the first floor, the asymmetrical position of which makes the house appear smaller from the street, while presenting the opposite effect from the pool at the rear of the home.

Photograph:Giorgio Marafioti