Gravity Bowl是由温哥华设计师Calen Knauf设计的极简主义碗。当水果或蔬菜柔软的果肉被放在一个传统的碗里,不难预见它伤痕累累、快速腐烂的未来。重力碗在很大的表面积上对水果和蔬菜施加压力,防止碰伤和延长新鲜度。

Gravity Bowl is a minimalist bowl created by Vancouver-based designer Calen Knauf. When the supple flesh of fruit or vegetable is placed in a traditional bowl, it is not hard to foresee its bruised and fleeting future. The Gravity Bowl cradles fruit and vegetables applying even pressure over larger amounts of surface area, preventing bruising and increasing its life.

Design:Calen Knauf
Photograph:Calen Knauf