For this project, the APPAREIL construction team was authorized to renovate its public space. Use lighting to provide a unique view in the backyard. Internally, the kitchen has been redesigned to promote dialogue between old and new elements. Responsive owners want to keep dark floors, and the integrated materials are brighter and more neutral. In sharp contrast to this flawless white environment, the surface of the central wooden module is made of wood stripe. Made of walnut wood, this element brings a touch of warmth to the existing wooden floor. It can be used as a sideboard and pantry to store all the necessities. The space is therefore unobstructed and looks more spacious. The renovation extends further to the entire first floor, making the space transparent and creating a welcoming room.

Photographer: Félix Michaud
Architecture: APPARATUS Architecture
Light fixtures: Hamster
Contractor: Simlande Construction
Cabinetmaker: Ebenisterie CST Enr, Steve Tousignant
Floe Chair: APPARATUS Workshop
Table and chairs: Kastella