Nong是由韩国设计师Joseph Yang创作的模块化家具系列。这项作品是对韩国传统家具的现代诠释。它从概念上受到了称为“ Nong”的传统家具功能的启发,该功能可以分层,并通过单元的布置和移动呈现各种形式的美感。通过应用传统家具的结构特征(韩式接头),它还最小化了装饰元素并提供了简洁的形象。通过这项工作,该作品旨在探索韩国传统家具的实用美学并寻找新的形成价值

Nong is a modular furniture collection created by South Korea-based designer Joseph Yang. This work is a reinterpretation of Korean traditional furniture for modern use. It was inspired conceptually by the function of traditional furniture called ‘Nong’, which can be layered, and presents various forms of beauty through the arrangement and movement of units. It also minimizes decorative elements and provides a concise image by applying the structural features (Korean joint) of traditional furniture. Through this, this work seeks to explore the practical aesthetics of Korean traditional furniture and find new formative values.

Design: Joseph Yang
Photography: Joseph Yang

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