Basis系列家具,挪威,Falke Svatun

Basis是由挪威设计师Falke Svatun设计的极简主义椅子。限量版粉末涂层钢系列包括椅子,凳子和餐桌。该系列适用于室内和室外环境,并提供自定义尺寸和颜色变化。5毫米厚的钢以简单的几何形状为中心,圆柱体为每种形式的创建基础。

Basis is a minimal chair created by Norway-based designer Falke Svatun. The limited edition powder coated steel collection consists of a chair, stool, and dining table. The collection is made for both indoor and outdoor settings, and is available in custom sizes and color variations. The 5mm thick steel is centered around simple geometric shapes, with cylinders creating the base for each form.

Design:Falke Svatun
Photograph:Falke Svatun