CAIUS办公室,中国上海,Studio Glume

CAIUS Office是由Studio Glume设计的位于中国上海的简约办公空间。CAIUS是一家由前媒体时尚专业人士创立的时尚商务咨询公司。该办公室位于上海黄浦区的一间巷屋中,有着独特的龙塘氛围。与传统的建筑立面相比,设计师创造了一个现代的室内空间,采用了极简主义和过渡性的现代姿态以及原始优雅的画龙点睛。转型的第一步是结构重新设计。拆除所有隔断后,设计师使用两根工字梁加固了结构基础,这些工字梁延伸至二楼露台的角落,以最大程度地利用空间。由于工字钢的再生特性,它经过预风化处理后散发出独特的铜绿。

CAIUS Office is a minimalist office space located in Shanghai, China, designed by Studio Glume. CAIUS is a fashion business consulting firm founded by former media fashion professionals. The office is situated in Huangpu District, Shanghai in a lane house with unique Long Tang atmosphere. In contrast to the traditional building façade, the designers have created a contemporary interior space, applying modern gestures that are minimalist and transitional, along with the finishing touch of raw elegance. The first step to the transformation was structural redesign. After tearing down all the partitions, the designer reinforced the structural foundation with two I-beams, extending to the corner of the second-floor terrace, in order to maximize the capacity of the space. Due to the recycled nature of the I-beams, it comes pre-weathered to exude a unique patina.

Design:Studio Glume
Photography:Zhifeng He


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