Casa do Monte酒店,葡萄牙里斯本,Leopold Banchini Architects & BUREAU

Casa do Monte酒店位于葡萄牙的里斯本,是一家极简主义酒店,由Leopold Banchini Architects与BUREAU的 Daniel Zamarbide合作设计。该住宅的特点是整体以石材为中心,延伸到整个家庭的高度,并作为与其余空间的隔断。石头创造的隐私允许建筑师保留某些空间,如围栏内的浴室。此外,该材料既卫生又易于清洁,进一步发挥其功能,同时也作为美学表达。

Casa do Monte is a minimalist residence located in Lisboa, Portugal, designed by Leopold Banchini Architects in collaboration with Daniel Zamarbide of BUREAU. The home is characterized by a monolith stone centerpiece that extends the entire height of the home, and serves as a partition from the rest of the space. The privacy created by the stone allowed the architects to reserve certain spaces like the bathroom within the enclosure. In addition, the material is both hygienic and easy to clean, furthering its function while also serving as an aesthetic statement.

Design: Leopold Banchini Architects & BUREAU
Photography:Dylan Perrenoud


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