Casa R住宅,法国索塔,Orma Architettura

Casa R是法国索塔(Ortta Architettura)设计的简约住宅。地形是一连串的岩石地块,面向Omu di Cagna地块时有明显的下降。为了将体积正确地插入两个岩石支脚之间,房屋要垂直利用空间,对地面的影响最小。考虑到这一点,该项目被定义为一个简单的由砂混凝土制成的体积,以使其聚集体得以与邻近的岩石相互作用。就像一块石头用来被放在那里一样,作品展示出完全不同的室内氛围,由几组高度和木制细木工制成。

Casa R is a minimalist residence located in Sotta, France, designed by Orma Architettura. The terrain is a succession of rocky blocks with a significant drop facing the Omu di Cagna massif. In order to correctly insert the volume between two rocky spurs, the house exploits the space vertically, having the minimum impact on the ground. In view of this context, the project is very mineral and is defined as a simple volume made of sanded concrete in order to bring out its aggregates which seeks to interact with the neighboring rocks. Like a block of stone dug in order to house the program, the work displays totally different interior atmospheres, made of sets of heights and wooden joinery.

Design: Orma Architettura
Photography: Julien Kerdraon & David Giancatarina


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