EP YAYING 上海旗舰店 ,中国, Franklin Azzi Architecture

忠实于他对创意相遇和合作的热情,Franklin Azzi将他的观点与创意总监Serge Ruffieux的观点结合起来,为中国成衣品牌EP YAYING建立一个新的建筑概念。

Faithful to his passion for creative encounters and collaborations, Franklin Azzi has united his vision with that of creative director Serge Ruffieux to establish a new architectural concept for the Chinese ready-to-wear label EP YAYING.

反映了这个标志性品牌在复兴奢侈品和中国传统方面的做法–EP YAYING这个名字意味着 “质量的保证”–这两位巴黎的创意人挪用了东方的文化参考和技能来定义一种新的现代美学。

Reflecting the approach of the iconic label in the revival of luxury goods and Chinese heritage – the name EP YAYING means ‘pledge of quality’ – the two Parisian creatives appropriated Oriental cultural references and skills to define a new contemporary aesthetic.


Their creative tandem has given rise to a programme of spaces dedicated to experiencing and strolling, which, from Shanghai to New York, cultivates an oxymoron in every detail. The raw beauty of the materials, such as jade and concrete, combines with the elegance of lacquer work and embroidery. Between the association of rough and smooth surfaces, matte and gloss colours, the traditional mixing of materials of Chinese craftsmanship, the boutiques reveal their singularity in a play of contrasts between stark simplicity and maximalism. The collections of fashion and accessories are displayed around a graphic grid structure of gold metal tubes, in which slabs of rough stones of different shapes and colours are suspended or held up, like an interior landscape reinforcing the impression of the poetic antithesis between the different elements.


The architecture of the boutiques, whether within a new building or an existing one, such as the old colonial house entirely renovated in Shanghai, favours transparency, opening to the outside, and integrating nature. The fashion label’s spaces merge with public space in a principle of fluid sophistication.

从地板到天花板,通过作为过渡和展览空间设计的家具和更衣室与整体方案的对话,Franklin Azzi和Serge Ruffieux设计了一个不寻常的旅程,由审美和感官的共鸣组成。

From floor to ceiling, via the furniture and changing rooms designed as transition and exhibition spaces in dialogue with the overall scheme, Franklin Azzi, and Serge Ruffieux have designed an unusual voyage, composed of aesthetic and sensorial resonances.

建筑师和时装设计师将现代性和手工艺带入对话,以一种独特的方式,将每一个新的EP YAYING精品店看作是一个独立的场所。

A means for architects and fashion designers to bring modernity and craftsmanship into dialogue in an original approach that sees each new EP YAYING boutique as a venue in its own right.

Architects: Franklin Azzi Architecture
Area: 520 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Matjaz Tančič
Project Management:Franklin Azzi Architecture
Collaboration:Serge Ruffieux, artistic director
City:Xuhui Qu


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