Gloma House住宅,葡萄牙,BDArquitectura

Gloma House是由BDArquitectura设计的位于葡萄牙Ansião的极简住宅。建筑物的出发点是与自然的永久接触。该建筑是通过主轴进行组织的,不仅要解决所有可行的程序,而且还应作为社交和私人区域的边界元素。这个单层楼的房屋从地板上抬起,保持了一些旨在实现共生关系的连接点。

Gloma House is a minimal residence located in Ansião, Portugal, designed by BDArquitectura. The departure point of the building is the permanent contact with nature. The construction is organized through a main axle which not only intend to solve all the workable program, but also operate as a border element of the social and the private areas. This one story house is elevated from the floor maintaining some connection points which intend to achieve a symbiotic relationship.
The applied solution creates small patios through her shape, providing the simplicity of materials and shapes encountered on the nature that surrounds it. Two concrete slabs with organic shapes, define the exterior outline, creating a piece with a sense of freedom and consequently, diversity in the creation of the interior areas, as well as permeability with the exterior. The areas are thus not limited by walls, but span out, with nature serving as the only boundary.

Photography:Hugo Santos Silva