KL41是一个位于荷兰乌得勒支的极简住宅,由PaselKünzelArchitects设计。Kubus Eiland描述了城市规划原则,该原则用于沿Leidse Rijn地区的前港口区的转换,并正在形成该城市开发项目从前工业区到住宅区的转变。Pasel Künzel Architects的最新住宅项目中,边长为9m的立方体的抽象体积被表达为一个简洁、巨大的体积,包括一个全方位的方向以及通过立面中的深凹开口实现的雕塑交叉。在每侧各有一个主开口的情况下,对象将拾取四个基点,并创建对两个较低楼层上周围邻居的具体引用。

KL41 is a minimal home located in Utrecht, Netherlands, designed by Pasel Künzel Architects. Kubus-Eiland describes the urban planning principle that was used in the conversion of a former port area along the Leidse Rijn area and which is shaping the transformation of this urban development project from a former industrial area to a residential area. The abstract volume of a cube with a side length of 9m is expressed in the latest residential project by Pasel Künzel Architects as a concise, massive volume, comprising an all-round orientation as well as sculptural intersections that are enabled by deeply recessed openings in the facade. With one main opening on each side, the object picks up the four cardinal points and creates concrete references to the surrounding neighborhood on the two lower floors.
The top floor, on the other hand, is oriented towards the sky above a central incised patio and thus hermetically seals off the private bedrooms located here from the outside world. Within the framework of exceptional urban planning requirements, the architects were able to create a variety of atmospheres and qualities in the building by creating surprising spatial sequences and visual relationships in the smallest spaces. At the same time outward-looking, communicative spaces were subtly combined with a high degree of privacy.

Design:Pasel Künzel Architects
Photography: Marcel van der Burg