Happy建筑装置,美国纽约,Studio Cadena

我们可以在一个人上获得快乐,也可以在一个地方获得快乐。一系列柔和形状和色彩丰富的幕布从开放式框架垂下来,刻划更亲密的集体空间,并提供像滤镜一样的视角,来观看城市。在我们荒凉的社会和政治背景下,这个建筑装置渴望雕刻一个小而积极的城市空间 – 它在寒冷的冬季里寻求温暖的拥抱。

Happy is both a figure and a place. A series of softly shaped and richly colored screens drape down from an open frame to inscribe a more intimate collective space and provide an analog filter to see the city in a different light. In our otherwise bleak social and political context, this architectural installation aspires to carve a small yet more positive urban space – it seeks to offers a warm embrace during the cold winter months.


Softly swaying in the breeze, its overlaps and overlays continuously interplay with light, inviting passerby to bask in its rich saturated glow. It emotes and evokes what we all wish to be. This Happy installation is a simple devise to make you stop, wonder, and most importantly, smile.

Design: Studio Cadena
Location: New York
Client: Van Alen Institute/Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership
Use: Temporary Installation
Fabricators: Youngbuk Art Services
Structural Engineer: Silman