JJM住宅,比利时布鲁塞尔,Nicolas Schuybroek

JJM住宅是位于比利时布鲁塞尔的一个极简主义的住宅,由Nicolas Schuybroek设计。创建一个单层住宅对于将建筑与周边项目以及自然环境结合起来是很重要的。该建筑的特点是在单个环境中创造多种体验的穿插体块。灰色的砖立面创造了一种纹理的感觉,形成了落地窗,在室内和室外之间建立了强烈的联系。

JJM House is a minimal residence located in Brussels, Belgium, designed by Nicolas Schuybroek. Creating a single story home was important in integrating the building with the neighboring program as well as natural surroundings. The architecture is characterized by interspersed volumes that create multiple experiences within a single context. The grey brick facade creates a textured feel, framing floor-to-ceiling windows that create a strong connection between the interior and outdoors.

Design:Nicolas Schuybroek
Photography:Koen Van Damme, Cafeine, Claessens & Deschamps