Little Venice Residence住宅,英国伦敦,Originate

Little Venice Residence是由Originate设计的位于英国伦敦的简约空间。Originate结合了一对19世纪中叶二级上市的半独立式房屋,形成了一座维多利亚风格的粉刷前三层别墅,外加一个地下室。恢复了原有的特色,并根据历史时期创建了新的壁炉和开口,同时满足了现代家庭的需求。由Originate设计的新型细木工板使用独特的饰面来增强木材的天然纹理。调色板是相当中性的,以补充客户广泛的艺术品和家具收藏。
在主要接待处,豪尔赫·扎尔苏平(Jorge Zalszupin)和皮埃尔·让纳雷(Pierre Jeanneret)的世纪中叶家具摆在让·米歇尔·巴斯奎特(Jean-Michel Basquiat),基思·哈林(Keith Haring),亚历山大·卡尔德(Alexander Calder)和塞尔索·雷纳托(Celso Renato)的艺术品中。地面较低的厨房/餐厅区具有更简约的外观,抛光的水泥地板和纯净的灰白色墙壁,核心是一个五米长的大理石覆盖厨房岛。一楼是主人套房,包括书房,卧室,主人浴室和更衣室。

Little Venice Residence is a minimalist space located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Originate. Originate combined a pair of Grade II listed mid-19th Century semi-detached houses to form a Victorian stucco-fronted villa of three storys plus a basement. Original features were reinstated and new fireplaces and openings created in keeping with the historical period, yet fulfilling the needs of a modern family. New joinery units were designed by Originate using a unique finish to enhance the natural grain of the timber. The color palette is fairly neutral in order to complement the client’s extensive art and furniture collection.
In the main reception, mid-century furniture pieces by Jorge Zalszupin and Pierre Jeanneret sit amongst art by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Alexander Calder and Celso Renato. The lower ground floor Kitchen/Dining area has a more minimalist look with polished concrete floors and plain off-white walls, the centerpiece being a five-meter long marble-clad kitchen island. On the first floor is the Master Suite comprising a study, bedroom, master bathroom and dressing rooms.